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Here is what a flat-out lie looks like

Our Promise

Here at [redacted] we love our customers, and unlike other “Gold Buyers” we care about them. If you are having a hard time with your bills, we are here to help. When you bring in your old jewelry you can feel confident that we are giving you the most money anywhere. We automatically check our competitors rates with secret shoppers every week. The report comes back to us and we set our minimum payout to 50% more than our competitors. We are not out to make a quick buck, we are in business to make loyal customers that can trust us.

Only an idiot would believe this line.  Common sense will easily demonstrate it for you.  Say you have scrap gold which would would be worth $500 based on the spot price the day you sell it.  And say a gold buyer would offer you 80%, or $400.  According to the above statement Dr. Gold Buyer would pay you $600 for $500 (50% more than the $400 offer) worth of gold  because they “love our customers, and unlike other “Gold Buyers” we care about them”.  According to what they say, they would lose $100 on their transaction with you.  Do you actually think they would do that?  Lose $100?  C’mon.  What their ad really tells you is that they think you are an idiot who will believe anything.

Do yourself a favor.  Shop around.  Take your gold to 4-5 gold buyers and then bring it to us.  You will be very pleasantly surprised.

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